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One of my Poems!

Hi ya! I'm a bit of a newbie so you'll have to bare with me :-)

I've been writing short stories ever since i was a kiddie, although it took a stressfull adolescence for me to figure out i was better at poetry (Or though how much better i really couldn't tell you!), although i'm still not too sure if i'm actually any good.... so here's one of 'em.... let me know what you think of it. Please!

It's not actually the conventional rhyming style and people tend to slag me off for it, I'm not going to change it though! ;-)

Distorted Image

In silence I can feel my mind trying to break free.
trying to tell me something.
I cannot hear it.

I cannot hear anything but it’s distant murmur.
Words that are no longer legible to my ears.

A message?
I cannot tell.

In my mind a long since spent image fills my eyes.
Like the world seen through tough frosted glass.

All I have is the image of colour.
Even that has begun to fade.
Slipping away as has the message.

All that I’m left with is a slight feeling.
Is it reassurance?
Or the common fear?
I cannot tell.

I feel uncertain.
A feeling I know well.

Am I destined to feel this way?
Every morning,
Upon waking?
Most probably.

But then,
So is all of my fellow race.
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