|-D.O.R.A-| (oceanacelica) wrote in beaded_poetry,

My reason

So yeah I'm new.. guess i failed to mention that?
So I'm Dora... I try updating my LJ ... hmmm ..I'm from Holden Beach, NC and I came to entertain you...

This is my reason
Theres a reason for everything I do lately that reason is you. Every smile i smile, every laugh i laugh to the shine in my eyes and the glow on my face is all because of you. Right now i jsut wish you knew that theres something about you that I can't quite explain that puts this completeness in my heart, and sometimes it can be something as simple as the sound of your name.
I want things to be different, but i want thing to remain the same. My feelings are so complicated I've tried figuring it all out but the attempts can make me insane. I know i'm not perfect, that i never claimed, but to show you every imperfection with all hope you can accept them, accept me and be truthful to your words of love is what I have hoped to gain. Theres a reason for everything i do, every wrong i've tried to make right, every fight i tried to end every tear that falls and all of this reason is you
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