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another glass of vodka....

if you tell me God is here, honey
i'll prove to you that he doesn't exist
and if you tell me that you love me
i'll know i'm just another bitch
if yuo kiss softly my rough skin
i'll pray the roughness rip your lips
and if i give my life to you
i hope you'll burn in hell with me

things don't go the way they're supposed to
keep going down with all this haze
so i'll run over my own disgrace
mixing souls
while i drink another glass of vodka
i'll just drink another glass of vodka

if you say we're getting better
i know we have already died
and if you say you'll stay forever
i know that's just another lie
if you ask me if i care
you'll have for answer just my smile
cause if i care or if i don't
my smile is all you'll ever know

things are better left unsaid
guttural sounds, those hurt the most
we all have spilled and we all have failed
but we never get up in our feet again
yet all we need is a glass of vodka
all we need is just another glass of vodka

is just life, honey, is just life
it's life, honey, it's life
and i hope you'll end it all tonight
i hope you'll end your life tonight
after another glass of vodka
another fucking glass of vodka.....
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