luna_bear8 (luna_bear8) wrote in beaded_poetry,

A whisper of now

I see you in your solitude, the way you are in your own silent serenae. A burning canle that reflects my passion softly through the shadows of your persistent dreams. And I lay silent over and over in the call of the moon. Quietly I am lost, shaking my head as I grew closer and closer to the what could've been. And still I find comfort in the strings of my piano serenade pounding softly and softly like his voice in my head. And the tears they fall like the dreams of catastrophic men. Like a thief sneaking past the windows of my concious view, your soul comes to me in the evenings song. And could I forget the look in your eyes as you were quietly lost in the sounds of my breath. And as I call on you in the sound of the night and soter than a shadow I felt your arms all around me and the surprise in my eyes. And oh how I felt when you knew I knew. Andd the silent movement in the call of you, I seem to be overwhelmed and then so confused. You come closer and closer to the foot of my bed and whats much ado about you. I feel like a thousand longing mornings when I wake up in the shivering cold. And the years go on further than I've ever been and the tears of men are like spiders in my bed. But do I love you when I'm quietly lost in the perceptions of boys who will soon turn into men? And I cry out for silence when I hear you, so I can hear you. I pluck the strings of my guitar and stare out my windows to a blissful day and see you filled wit joy. But your a pyro setting flameable ores on fire, and like the cry of a thousand mourning children you pull my flame closer. I see the skulls of a few wise men sinking into my abyss with memories lost and erased. And I run naked in the moon just to be sure that I am still anew and then I realize your still a boy hitting at balls instead of watching women catch your eye. And I will always be in your mind so sleep soundly tonight.
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